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Dianabol, a popular anabolic steroid on the market right now, is probably the most widely used because of its guaranteed effects on any one trying it out. Dbol is mostly taken orally although injectable varieties do exist, they aren't any more effective than their counterparts.

If your goal is to gain a considerably high amount of size and strength, and you have no problems with water retention, than dbol is the right steroid for you. It has a much greater effect on a person when used in cycles and in combination with another steroid such as testosterone. It is always recommended that you should not use this product for more than 6 weeks at a time, especially if you are a beginner user.

The cycle presented here are primarily for bulking, mass and strength gains. The three tier systems will be for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

What Should I Stack With Dbol ?

If you're just a beginner user, you will most likely have no idea as how these compounds will effect your body and the reactions you can expect. I would recommend that before taking any steroid, you should thoroughly research all the risks involved and how your body will be effected and most importantly the side effects that could arise from prolonged or short term use. Another good thing to know is the half-life of the products (the amount of time that it will stay in your system).

For a successful cycle, beginners are always encouraged to use DBol along with some other steroid compound for maximum effect. Below i have arranged a list of the top three products commonly stacked with dbol.



  • Testosterone (Enanthate/Cypionate/Propionate): The words in brackets refer to the Esther, an ester is a property in steroids that slows down the release of testosterone into your system. So you can choose between a slow releasing testosterone (enathate/cypionate), that has an active life of ~2 weeks, or a faster releasing testosterone (propionate), with an active life of ~2-3 days. Testosterone is extremely effective but users should always be cautious of the potential side effects of this substance.
  • Winstrol : an oral steroid that provides you with a much more steadier mass gains and it does not convert into estrogen so the side effects associated with that would not be an issue. You often get more muscle definition from using this product with dianabol because it doesn't retain water as much.
  • Nandrolone: This substance is structurally very similar to testosterone and converts to estrogen a much slower rate. You should be very careful with this product if you're someone who's involved in drug tested sports as it tends to stay in the blood stream for many months after use has stopped.


Beginner Dianabol Cycle:

Weeks 1-6: Dianabol 25mg/day
Testosterone 300-500mg/week
Week 6-12: Testosterone enanthate 300-500mg/week
Week 13-15: PCT

Intermediate Dbol Cycle:

Week 1-6: Dianabol 25-50mg/day
Week 1-12: Testosterone Enathate 100mg/week
Deca-Durabolin 400mg/week

Advanced Dianabol Cycle:

Week 1-6: Dbol 50mg/day
Week 1-8: Testosterone Propianate 25mg/day
Trenbolone Acetate 400mg/week

Steroid that posses androgenic properties like dbol and testosterone do cause aggressiveness, acne and oily skin. These are more likely however to show themselves in people who are already prone to such problem. It is very crucial that a Post Cycle Therapy program be followed on completion of your cycle because dbol use will reduce your bodies natural testosterone production process and a PCT program will help correct any imbalances.